Opanda Primer
Prepared 2007-01-06 (149/76188) by Bill Claff

Many people use the free version of Opanda IExif Viewer (available at Opanda) so here is a short primer on finding values of interest.
(IExif for Firefox is also quite useful.)

I'm attaching a screenshot that has been shortened vertically and color coded.
Many rows of less interesting information have been eliminated to make it less confusing and to meet Nikonian posting guidelines.

I marked in green the items that people usually use when they are posting a picture.
For example, Nikon D200 70-180mm @180mm f/22 1/250s ISO 100
(No need to say 0EV exposure compensation)

I marked in blue some other items of interest.
For example: 'Total Number of Shutter Releases for Camera'.