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Sensor Heatmaps

These results are based on raw images provided by numerous contributors from around the world.
(I always welcome more help, so contact me if you are willing.)
Data not gathered to my specifications may affect results.

Do not attach too much significance to color. The colors are there to help you see patterns.
Watch for horizontal and/or vertical patterns; these generally indicate banding. (eg. Nikon D7100 Black)
Disregard circular patterns with red centers; these indicate uncorrected light fall-off in the test images. (eg. Nikon D70 Illuminated)
Sample variation may affect the results; two cameras of the same make and model might not test identically.
There is at least one defective sensor represented, the Fujifilm FinePix S2 Pro (see Black frames).
Data in tabular form is in the resizable table below (sortable by clicking on column headers):

Camera Model Camera Model 
No light
Evenly illuminated

All pixels
Separate red, green, and blue pixels (not meaningful for X-Trans or monochrome)

One image
Stacked images (ignore slight gradient visible in some images)

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Contributions of data are always welcome, particularly if your camera is not listed.
Contact me if you wish to help.
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