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Click on the camera model in list to toggle that camera's visibility.
Note that _12 indicates 12-bit data and _14 indicates 14-bit data, etc.
Click on the legend to toggle that category's visibility.

Be aware that these values tend to be wild especially for smaller sensors, see Further Reading below for details.
Not all data have been checked for computational errors.
Directly measured data is almost always perferable to these derived values.
Read Noise and Conversion Noise are values from a fit performed on the Input-referred Read Noise.
The model used does not always produce good values particulary if the sensor incorporates dual conversion gain.
Read Noise in electrons is the noise that originates at the pixel.
And Conversion Noise in DN is how much noise is added by the downstream electronics.
See Read Noise in DNs or Input-referred Read Noise for read noise values at a particular ISO setting.
Data in tabular form is in the resizable table below (sortable by clicking on column headers).

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