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DxOMark Landscape Score Audit

The DxOMark Landscape Score is based on maximum Dynamic Range (DR) Print measurement.

The following table shows the correct and published value.
Green indicates a perfect match, yellow indicates close agreement (double rounding error), and red indicates disagreement.

The double rounding error occurs when the measurement is first rounded to 2 decimal places and then to 1 decimal place.
Rounding to 2 decimal places takes place for the tooltip shown on the graph.
So to avoid confusion, even though it's not accurate, the final score is rounded to 1 decimal place from the already rounded value.
For example a measurement of 11.3499 rounds first to 11.35 and then to 11.4; but you get 11.3 if it is immediately rounded.

Note that this table is resizable and sortable by clicking on the column headers.

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